About Us

Sunbird Tourism plc (Sunbird) is a publicly quoted enterprise, listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange in August 2002. As of December 2018, the Government of Malawi is the largest shareholder at 71%. Members of the public own 14%. Mr Noel Hayes who used to own 15% disposed of the same to Press Corporation plc during the year 2018. Sunbird was incorporated in 1988 as a private company following the amalgamation and consolidation of hotels previously owned by the Government of Malawi under different investment vehicles. Previously, and until 2000, the Company was known as the Tourism Development and Investment Company of Malawi when the name was strategically changed to Sunbird Tourism Limited. Following the requirements of the new Companies Act of 2013, the name was amended to Sunbird Tourism plc. Sunbird is a leading operator in the hospitality industry in Malawi and has, as its main activity, the operation of nine hotel properties in Malawi. The properties include four city hotels: Sunbird Capital, Sunbird Mount Soche, Sunbird Lilongwe, and Sunbird Mzuzu; and two popular beach resorts along Lake Malawi: Sunbird Nkopola and Sunbird Livingstonia; two nature resorts: Sunbird Ku Chawe an iconic mountain resort and Sunbird Thawale, a bush resort in a popular “Big Five” wild life reserve. In 2018, Sunbird signed a Management Contract for Kara O’Mula Country Lodge located at the foot of the unique Mulanje Mountain. Catering Solutions Limited, a 100% owned subsidiary, is involved in the provision of airline and institutional catering services. Sunbird employs a motivated and highly skilled team of over 1,000.


The preferred brand in the hospitality industry.


Sunbird exists to provide excellent accommodation, catering and related hospitality services with the intention of increasing stakeholders’ value.

Statement of Strategic Intent

Sunbird will satisfy stakeholders' interests by providing superior and innovative customer service, modern and upmarket accommodation in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.

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