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Posted 23 December 2019 by Sunbird

In a bid to grow its destination marketing efforts and reach out more on the International and Regional markets–Malawi stock exchange listed leading Hospitality and Tourism player Sunbird Hotels and Resorts has signed up with ET Holidays, under a partnership and collaboration with Ethiopian Airlines with the aim of offering various leisure packages that will be inclusive of excursions, accommodation and flights across all its nine destinations in Malawi at promotional prices. The packages will roll out in January 2020. “As a leading and largest brand in hospitality, our focus has been further opening up Malawi as a destination to International and Regional markets. This partnership with Ethiopian airlines is part of addressing our efforts in destination marketing, ensuring that our brand has increased awareness on the international and regional markets, but also increasing booking platforms and ensuring ease of access for our services through Ethiopian Airline’s more than 125 `flight destinations. Ethiopian airlines being one of Africa’s biggest airline brands is a key and strategic partner, and will ensure that these packages through its extended network will be accessible and available through their various platforms across the world.” Said Temwa Kanjadza, Group Sales & Marketing Manager. “Our current business mix is predominantly local, partnerships and initiatives such as these aim at increasing our international market source, and seeing increased Tourist arrivals to Malawi through Sunbird Hotels and Resorts” Kanjadza added.

Kanjadza further commented “This will be our second strategic partnership with Ethiopian Airlines, in 2018 we partnered with Ethiopian airlines under their loyalty program; Sheba miles, to allow additional benefits to our patrons that stay across Sunbird Hotels and resorts where Sheba Miles members now earn miles for every dollar spent on accommodation at any Sunbird Hotels and Resorts. In a nutshell if you are a Sheba Mile member, make Sunbird Hotels and Resorts your hospitality partner of choice, and benefit more by earning extra miles”

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