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Activities & Experiences

Sunbird Thawale offers a variety of activities and experiences for you to enjoy and experience first hand.

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Safari Game drive

The Majete safari vehicle, guided by a professional wildlife guide and scout, takes you first to a view spot or hide where you can enjoy the sunset while having a sun-downer and snacks. As the sun dips discover the magic of the onset of an African night. Be thrilled by nocturnal animals; hippos grazing by the Shire River, elephant, buffalo, bush babies, genets, civets, serval, antelope, porcupine and nocturnal birds. You may even get to see predators who are more active at night such as hyena, the elusive leopard and best of all the three lions hunting.

Bush walks

Bush walks are conducted by the scouts who themselves cover the reserve on foot during patrols and thus know the area and the animals found in different habitats. If you are a keen bird watcher, ask to focus your walk on the wealth of birds. Areas along the river systems are particularly rich in birdlife and animals.

Boat trips

Cruise the islands and channels of the Shire River and Kapichira Dam looking for hippos, crocodiles or, commonly seen, elephants in the water and riverside birds. Feel the rapids and be awed by the roar of Kapichira Falls. Evenings are best for the riverside experience.

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