Public Areas

  • Frequent cleaning and sanitization to maintain optimum hygiene levels.
  • Wearing of masks is mandatory
  • Placement of hand sanitizers and wash areas at entrance areas.

Checking In

  • Temperature checks
  • Completion of health questionnaire.
  • Submission of negative COVID19 test for international guests (taken within 72hrs of arrival)
  • Frequent sanitization of guest room card keys, equipment such as pens and trays on the counter, elevator buttons and other places where many guests may touch frequently.
  • Wearing of mask is mandatory

During Your Stay

  • Frequent sanitization of bathrooms inside each guest room, TV remote controllers, door knobs, buttons and switches, telephones and tables.
  • Wearing of masks is mandatory

After Check-Out

  • Sanitization of each guest room after stay.


  • Handwashing and sanitising before entry into restaurant
  • Limitation of seating to allow safe physical distancing.
  • Frequent sanitization of tables, handrails, door knobs and other areas.
  • Temperature checks and hand sanitization/washing upon arrival.
  • Buffets served by staff.
  • Sanitization of menus after each handling.
  • Wearing of mask is mandatory immediately after dining

Hotel Staff

  • Mandatory health checks upon arrival on-property.
  • Hotel staff will refrain from coming into work when their temperature is above 37.5? or they are feeling unwell in any way.
  • Frequent washing and sanitizing of hands.
  • Hand washing with soap/Sanitization of hands among hotel staff after serving each guest.
  • Wearing of masks is mandatory for staff
  • Wearing of gloves when appropriate.
  • Staff are encouraged to get vaccinated. Unvaccinated staff to bring negative PCR test every 96hrs

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