Fine Dining

A diverse and exotic range of classic and contemporary restaurants, lounges and bars meant for the global traveller. Taste sumptuous gourmet cuisines and experience modern twists on dishes, from across countries and cultures.

Vincents Restaurant

Vincent’s is Sunbird's flagship fine dining restaurant and is the best in Lilongwe. Distinctively decorated to honour the famed artist Vincent Van Gogh, this restaurant offers unique culinary delights prepared by some of the best talented chefs in the city. With an open grill kitchen and inspiring décor, Vincent’s presents a pleasant and memorable setting for a unique fine dining experience.

Vincents Bar Lounge

Vincent's Bar Lounge is a modern, cosy and executive lounge bar offering cocktails and beverages in a professional atmosphere and very private setting.

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Picassos Restaurant

Picasso’s Brasserie and Grill is an elegant restaurant offering the best of local and international cuisine in both a la carte and buffet settings. A host of specials includes our business lunches served three days a week and traditional lunches served on Wednesdays and Fridays. Picasso also has a private dining room for a more intimate dining experience.

Pablos Lounge Bar

Pablo’s is a cosy, executive bar & lounge, richly decorated and furnished, offering a wealth of local and imported beverages. Pablo’s is also wellknown for its range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails to be enjoyed in the lounge bar or on its stylish patio overlooking Mount Soche’s scenic gardens facing across the valley to Nyambadwe and Ndirande.

Sportsmans Bar

Sportsman’s is a newly refurbished modern and authentic sports bar that catches the spirit of sports and fun while offering a wide range of beverages. The bar has four high-definition widescreen television sets to ensure you catch the game from every corner. A snack bar offers a wide range of delicious Malawian snacks.

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