Catering Solutions

Airline Catering

At Sunbird's Catering Solutions Limited our meals are made with the utmost attentiveness to quality and safety.As we are aware that food is one of the most critical factors of a passenger’s on board experience, we provide the same passion and dedication to perfection in everything we do at Sunbird Hotels.

We operate the internationally reputable “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points” (HACCP) to ensure that our food is hygienic and safe. This entails being subjected to hygiene audits by both local and international standards boards.

We currently provide airline catering solutions to South African Airways and Charter Flights. We also service the Malawian Airlines and Kenyan Airlines business class lounges.

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Institutional Catering

With our strong background in various catering environments, we strive to stimulate and motivate our teams to achieve and maintain the highest standard possible.

Our well trained, competent and dedicated employees ensure that we improve the quality of food and give you value for money.

Our first institutional catering solutions venture was at Chancellor College & Polytechnic, the two biggest colleges in Malawi serving over 1500 students per meal sitting. Feedback from students and the college management was exceptionally positive and within a short period we significantly improved the food quality, hygiene and facility cleanliness. We currently provide institutional catering to Malawi Institute of Management (MIM), Toyota Malawi and The Malawi Defence Force's Moyale Barracks.

We are ready to take on any contract catering assignment, be it for company staff meals, hospital patient meals or any other facility that may require catering services. We provide tailor-made catering solutions to suit your needs.

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Outside Catering

Every aspect of our event catering solution is customisable, whatever the size or taste. People always talk about food at an event and we will ensure that the food is as memorable and exciting as the event itself. We create custom dining experiencesthat take into account for your preferences and tastes for events that are beyond expectation.

At Sunbird Catering Solutions we take pride in our high standard of excellence in food preparation, presentation, quality and world-class service. We create our displays with lots of creativity and artistry. Our skills go beyond providing the food and service. We can, on request, provide the table set up, public address system and decoration for your event.

We will take care of all the catering and other minute details so you can focus on entertaining and having a good time.

For all your:

As we provide tailored catering solutions for your events we always keep your budget in mind.

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Land Side — Chileka International Airport, Blantyre

Our bar, The Land Side is well stocked with local and international brands of mineral water, beer, cider and spirits. The bar is open to passengers as well as members of the general public. Weekend promotions include discounts on beer prices and snacks are sold at knocked down rates.

Nkope Restaurant

Named after Nkope hills in Mangochi, the Nkope Restaurant is renowned forexquisite meals and exemplary customer service to passengers and the general public. We offer a tantalising buffet on Wednesdays and Saturdays as well as an a la carte menu every day of the week.

Sunday is a family day at Nkope restaurant where children can enjoy a meal while watching aircraft take-off and land.

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